BC Stories

I’m working on a series of short films. Each of the films will be about something going on in the province of British Columbia – a person, a place, or a subject. Most of the films were made with Benjamin Taft and Calum MacLeod.

The idea for the project came from The Sparrow Songs – a series of 12 films – made by filmmakers Alex Jablonski and Michael Totten.

I will post the films on this page as I complete them. You can also get updates by email if you sign up for my newsletter.

Asian Gangs

Hey Vancouver, This Is You On Craigslist

Trevor the Dinosaur

An Afternoon with Alexandra Morton

The Fat Diet

Shirley Sings

A Brief History of British Columbia

Parrot Island

You can also find these films on my Vimeo page. Follow me on Twitter if you want updates on this series.