The Huffington Post: BC Videos Capture Province’s Quirks
The Tyee: What Vancouver Means to Me
The Georgia Straight: Surrey’s Sandwich Nazi talks blow jobs, customer service, and homelessness
Toro Magazine: Asian Gangs – TIFF Review & Interview
Scout Magazine: Lewis Bennett Takes Us To Peachland’s “Parrot Island” Watch an Insane NSFW Film on Vancouver’s Sandwich Nazi

Festivals, Screenings, & Awards

Asian Gangs [watch film]

-Toronto International Film Festival
-Whistler Film Festival
-Victoria Film Festival
-Kingston Canadian Film Festival
-NSI Online Short Film Festival
-Air Canada enRoute Film Festival
-Canadian Film Centre’s SHORTSNONSTOP Festival
-Vimeo Staff Picks Selection
-Vimeo Staff Favourites 2013
-Possible Worlds Festival
-Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival

The Sandwich Nazi – Short Film [watch film]

-Slamdance Film Festival
-NSI Online Short Film Festival – Winner: Best Film
-Sydney Underground Film Festival
-Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival – Winner: Best Documentary
-AMFM Fest
-The Taste Awards – Nominated: Best Documentary & Best Comedy
-Moab International Film Festival
-Gothenburg Independent Film Festival – Nominated: Best Short Documentary & Best Short Documentary Director

Hey Vancouver, This is You on Craigslist [watch film]

-Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival
-Eastern Oregon Film Festival
-Northwest Film Center “Best of the Northwest” Touring Program

Parrot Island [watch film]

-Gimli Film Festival

The Fat Diet [watch film]

-Vancouver Polish Film Festival

What Vancouver Means to Me [watch film]

-Coolidge Shorts – Coolidge Corner Theatre
-The Tyee’s Reel BC Contest – Winner: The Tyee Choice Award
-Novus’ What Vancouver Means To You Contest – Winner: Jury Prize
-Toast Collective

After the Beep [watch film]

-Crazy8s Film Event

Shirley Sings [watch film]

-Coolidge Shorts – Coolidge Corner Theatre